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  • Everyday Ways to Help Kids Learn

    Read this article from which features Lisa Niver Rajna, science teacher! Everyday Ways to Help Kids Learn You can help your child start learning from physics to problem solving—all without breaking a sweat or boring them silly By Linda Rodgers  Looking at a Construction SiteMost adults think of science as an experiment or equation…

  • Simply Science Summer Camp Guest Stars for 2011

    Simply Science Summer ProgramGuest Stars 2011 Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri June 20Franklin Hayes Marionettes June 21Heal the Bay June 22Lego Building Festival June 23Los Angeles ZOO June 24Mad science: Dry ice June 27Race Car Event June 28Wildlife on Wheels June 29Santa Monica Bay Keepers June 30Rockets & Robots July 1Bubbles Explosion **Subject to Change**

  • Science Philosophy: Little Linchpins

    My goal is creating and inspiring lifelong learners and little linchpins. From California Department of Education :  We are all born with natural curiosity about our world.  Science is an extension of this curiosity.  When we read about a new discovery, watch a bird fly, or think about how something works, we are doing science. …