In an ever changing technological world, computers are becoming more and more necessary in the workplace and in personal life as well. Technology is used more and more every day to get tasks done such as writing a paper for a class or by using it to communicate from around the world. Now, more than ever is a good time to think about computer science degree courses. So, what are some examples of how we embrace technology to complete tasks?

First of all, accountants use computer programs to get taxes done and prepare financial statements. Without computers, taxes would take a long time and would be very labor intensive, taking hours, if not days to complete. Financial statements that are vital in determining a company’s health are very hard to complete. With computers, accountants can type in information where it needs to go and the computer figures out all the formulas in order to get a tax return correct or a financial statement complete.

Another good example of how we use technology is with teachers. Teachers can put together power point presentations and with the use of a personal computer and projector, can easily teach a class material. Without these presentations, the teacher would spend much more time writing on the board and erasing with less time on the actual subject matter. Today, using presentations with computers is the norm.

It’s not only in the professional fields that computers make life easier. With the invention of the internet, families can keep in contact with each other at the click of a button by using email. If an email is too time consuming and you want to look at the person you want to talk with, chatting on the internet or using the internet to make a video phone call is now possible. Families can quickly put together reunions, dinners and get togethers quickly. In the past, many phone calls would need to be made. Now, a single email can be sent to as many people as necessary to convey their messages.

Another way computers can also be used in real life is it makes traveling much easier. With the internet, people can book hotels, search for airline tickets and research destinations on where they would like to go. Computers can also be used by travelers to keep track of their money by accessing their bank accounts online and make money transfers between accounts. Lastly, people can keep in contact with friends and family back home by using email or updating their blogs to update followers about their trip.

These are just a few examples of how technology can make life easier for people, everyday. While learning about technology is fun and exciting, some people are scared and will avoid technology at all costs. Some common excuses are, “I’m too old”; “I don’t know how I will use technology in my life.”; “Im afraid because I don’t know how to use computers.” All of these excuses in not wanting to learn about technology can hinder a potential career or can even put a damper on relationships.

So, what is stopping you from learning about the way of the future? Only yourself. Now is the best time to take classes in order to keep up with the times. Everyday, learning becomes easier and easier; we use technology in nearly every task we complete in whether we know it or not. Technology can be fun and can be used to make our lives easier. Start today by enrolling in a class and see how computers and technology can make your life easier!

About the Author: Tyler Brooks

Since a young child, Tyler has always had a world map posted on his wall with trips planned out and places pinned on his to-go list.  He met his wife while attending Metropolitan State College of Denver, and shortly after they moved to Thailand, her home country.  After living in Thailand for 4 years, he moved back to Colorado for two main reasons:  so he could save up money easier for a house back in Thailand and as always, to help save up money for the ever lasting thirst for travel.  His beautiful photos are for sale at He is currently in school to become an accountant and ready to return to the road.

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