Teachers without Borders and Bullying.com

Teachers Without Borders and Bullying.org to Offer Courses for Teachers and Parents
February 21, 2012
(Seattle, WA) Teachers Without Borders, a non-profit organization committed to supporting K-12 teachers around the world with relevant and demand-driven professional development resources, has partnered with Bullying.org to provide online courses and workshops on bullying and cyberbullying prevention.
While bullying is often the key non-academic issue that many educators around the world face in their daily work, most teachers have never gone through a research-based course on this topic. To address this issue, Bullying.org and Teachers Without Borders will offer research-based practical strategies, resources, and approaches in the form of courses and webinars on bullying and cyberbullying, supported by award-winning multimedia materials created specifically for classroom teachers and parents.
According to Bill Belsey, President of Bullying.org, the course content is “research-based and focused on assisting teachers in creating a positive, pro-active action plan for the classroom and school.” It focuses on “pro-active work with parents and the community to help create more caring, positive learning environments that focus on responsibility and empathy.”
The Executive Director of Teachers Without Borders, Dr. Konrad Glogowski, sees this partnership as “an opportunity to build on the success and expertise of Bullying.org to provide teachers around the world with proven, practical, and effective solutions and strategies to ensure student safety and wellbeing.” Both organizations look forward to supporting teachers, parents, and education authorities around the world in creating safe and supportive spaces in schools and classrooms.
Over the next few months, Teachers Without Borders and Bullying.org will begin offering workshops on bullying prevention and launch online courses for teachers and parents. The program will also be available in Spanish and French.
Bullying.org is dedicated to increasing the awareness of, and the problems associated with, bullying and to preventing, resolving, and eliminating bullying in society by supporting individuals and organizations to take positive actions against bullying through the sharing of resources, and guiding them in creating non-violent solutions to the challenges and problems associated with bullying. Visit www.bullying.org for more information.
If you’re interested in attending a webinar on bullying prevention or taking an online course, please add your name and email address to our mailing list, and we will contact you as soon as webinars and courses are open for registration.
FROM LISA: I received this today and wanted to share it with all of you! I am just learning about their new programs. Let me know what you think!